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Where we pass on insights, inspiration, tips and guides from the web design world. 

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What happens if you don't have secure hosting?

18th June 2019

Oh, all sorts of horrid things. If you're concerned, or think you maybe should be, here are just a few of the things a properly-secure host will do for you.

Umbraco 8 - how a fantastic CMS just got even better

13th June 2019

Here, at Intuitiv Digital, we’ve been using Umbraco 8 since its release on 26th February, 2019. So, we thought it was high time to reflect on this hotly-anticipated update that was five years in the making.

Strong, beautiful, useable - 10 essential web design trends 2019

7th June 2019

Here's how the finest web design talent is achieving websites that are as beautiful as they are useful.

Web design for start-ups: here's what to consider

5th June 2019

With so many things to think about before your business launch day, web design is something that many start-ups don’t put enough thought into right at the beginning. Here's some top tips worth devoting your attention to as your website plans begin to take shape.

Don't lose money - is your business website responsive?

23rd May 2019

Here's why mobile-friendly websites are crucial to the success of your business online. Why does responsive web design matter? How much money could you lose by not having a responsive website?

When the interweb goes crazy – 10 places to waste time online

10th May 2019

The interweb is often a very serious place, full of very serious content. At the same time it's also a dazzlingly good source of silliness.

10 essential tips for a successful website redesign

25th April 2019

Your website has multiple roles. It acts as a business card, a brand awareness tool, a lead generator and a showcase for products and services. No wonder it can start to look tired. Here's 10 crucial things you need to address when redesigning your website.

10 reasons why an Umbraco Content Management System is crucial to your business website

15th April 2019

On a day-to-day basis your primary interaction with your website will usually be managing your content. So, here are our top ten reasons why you should use an Umbraco CMS.

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