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Modern slavery & child labour statement

This statement is made under the requirements of The Modern Slavery Act (2015) and sets out the steps which
Intuitiv Ltd has taken during its financial year to ensure that modern-day slavery and human trafficking, as defined
therein, are not occurring in Intuitiv or our supply chains.

It also covers our obligations to ensure we do not use Child Labour at Intuitiv or within our supply chains.

Intuitiv is a Website Design, Build and Hosting Agency. The company operates solely from offices in Ickford,
Buckinghamshire and over 99% of our work is performed from UK based offices and suppliers. We are proud of
our working conditions and, having conducted a risk assessment, have concluded that there is no risk of engaging
in any form of slavery or child labour within Intuitiv and minimal risk in the businesses we work with.

On joining the company all employees are issued with our Staff Handbook which sets out our conditions of
employment and policies protecting employees’ human rights, health and safety, wages and benefits.

We have zero tolerance towards slavery and human trafficking, or the use of child labour, and expect all those in
our supply chain to comply with our values. The relationships with our suppliers have been established based on
shared standards and ethics. We have incorporated a clause into all of our agreements with new suppliers to
inform them of our commitment to combating the use of child labour, slavery and human trafficking. To date, we have
not been made aware of any acts of child labour, slavery or human trafficking occurring within our supply chain.

We will communicate this statement to all our employees to ensure an understanding of the risks of child labour,
modern slavery and human trafficking within our business and what policies and actions are in place to mitigate
these risks.

This statement has been approved by the Company’s Director on 23 June 2019, who will review and update as
necessary on an annual basis.