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Web development

As a web development agency and internet service provider, we supply the full range of custom web development services as standard.

Plus, we've built a reputation over the years for being flexible and helpful.

Just so pop over to our Contact Us page or call us on 01844 888 777 to discover how we can help you.

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Intuitiv are a great company to work with. Everything we ask them to do they do quickly and competently. They are competitively priced and very helpful. I’d definitely recommend them.

Dave Patey, MAN Truck and Bus UK

Web development agency services.


Website design.

You'll have access to our in-house graphic designer throughout your web development project - from the initial designs through to creating or sourcing images and photos during your project. He has well over 20 years' experience designing websites and can also create your animations, logos, branding, stationery - pretty much anything graphic. 

Responsive web design.

Your website will automatically adjust itself to look beautiful on any screen size and device - desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. This is called responsive web design. All the websites we build are responsive as standard.

Web development services

CMS web design.

Traditionally we've always hand-coded the CMS (content management system) part of web development.

However, for the last few years, we've used Umbraco CMS.

It's a great half-way-house between an off-the-shelf CMS and hand-coding a CMS. All the mundane but vital aspects are already baked in - forgotten password processes, user management, version control for example.

Which means we can concentrate on creating a powerful, yet easy-to-use editing experience for you.

Umbraco is used by the likes of Amnesty International, Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft, so it must be good!

We're a web design (or web development) agency that's attained Umbraco Certified Partner status, so you're in safe hands too.

You can find out more about our Umbraco websites here.


CMS web design
Professional website development ecommerce web design

Ecommerce web design.

Looking to sell online? It's a bit of a minefield, to be honest, so you'll need a web development agency to guide you through safely and securely.

Your ecommerce website can be integrated with your payment gateway of choice, linked up with your in-house inventory systems and then protected with the best in web and data security.

E-learning web developers


You might be looking to create an engaging e-learning website.

Quizzes, badges, levels, scoreboards, challenges and interactive learning modules are what you need to keep your users returning, having fun and learning. Gamification is the name of the er... game.

Custom websites.

Every single one of the websites we've ever created has been custom-built. Your website is unique to you and your specific business needs. Your CMS is bespoke built too using Umbraco CMS so every aspect of your website is tailored to your requirements.


Custom web development service.

You'll probably know the frustration of system and design restrictions.

People are told too many times, "Ah, sorry, the system can't do that".

Well, we're a web development agency that will simply ask, "What do you want the system to do for you?".

And we build from there.

Simple, but effective.

Find out more about custom web development here.


Custom web development services

Web development process.

Essentially, our web development agency process is:

  • Nail down the requirements.
  • Create wireframes/design.
  • Create page and content templates based on the design phase.
  • Build Umbraco CMS based on requirements.
  • Integrate Umbraco CMS with the page and content templates.
  • Integrate with any APIs, data sources and systems as required.
  • Lots of testing throughout the process on our test servers.
  • Make your website live.
  • Monitor and support post-launch.


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Web development process

Recent web development projects/clients.



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