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Custom web design service

Bespoke website design, custom website design or creative website design.

Whatever you call it, when it comes to succeeding on the web, we recognise the importance of great website design, functionality and user experience.

Bespoke web design, bespoke approach.

Whether you’re a small start-up or a well-known household brand, you want the same care and attention to detail. You need custom web design services that will go the extra mile, whatever your budget and requirements.

This is what we do.

Take a look through our portfolio and contact us to talk through how we can help with your bespoke, custom website design.

Benefits of custom website design

We're a bespoke website design agency that doesn't use online site builders. We don’t use pre-designed themes or templates.

What we do use, however, is bespoke web design with functionality tailored to your business needs.  This custom web development enables us to engage your target audience with an intuitive user journey.

Our custom website design services range from simple, beautifully-designed, bespoke brochure websites to complex e-commerce websites, gamified e-learning platforms and content management systems.

The important thing is that each website we design and build is with that custom/bespoke approach - the personal touch.

And it goes without saying, the websites we develop are all fully responsive so will automatically adapt their layout across desktop, mobile and tablet screens.


  • Custom, bespoke, creative website design
  • Meets your needs and exceeds your expectations
  • Carefully tailored user experience across desktop and mobile devices
  • Easier to manage


Why choose Intuitiv Digital to design and develop your custom website?

Simple. We’ve been in the custom website design business pretty much since the web began.

The master plan from the very beginning was to be a custom web design agency that provides as many of the required custom web design services as we can ‘in-house’. We didn’t advertise. We took care over every step of the website development process. Then we simply relied on word of mouth and referrals.

This approach continues today.

It allows us to offer a cohesive, end-to-end bespoke web design service to all our clients.

Over twenty years later and we still don’t advertise – the vast majority of our business continues to come from referrals, existing clients and contacts.

Here are some of our custom website development services...


Friendly and helpful customer service
Friendly and helpful customer service
User experience analysis
User experience analysis
Custom website design
Custom website design
Website development
Website development
Website hosting
Website hosting
Domain name registration
Domain name registration

Our custom website design process

After we’ve finalised requirements with you, we’ll usually split your custom website design into the following phases. As most of our custom websites include an Umbraco CMS the phases below are for a typical Umbraco website:

Phase 1: User experience (UE) and design

  • Wireframing (skeletal designs for working out the best user journeys).

  • Homepage concept design.

  • Sub-page design.

  • How your pages will look and work on mobile.

We’ll make amendments throughout this phase based on your feedback.

Phase 2: User interface (UI) development

  • HTML template/stylesheet creation, JavaScript components.

  • Mobile-responsive pages are built, based on the Phase 1 designs.

Phase 3: Umbraco CMS integration

  • Set-up of your new hosted Umbraco CMS instance.

  • Programming of your custom Umbraco CMS based on your specific CMS requirements.

  • Integration of your site’s UI and style templates into Umbraco.

Phase 4: Bespoke back-end development

  • Any business-specific functionality you require e.g. integration with feeds, APIs etc.

  • Integration of Umbraco Forms and set-up of your lead generation and contact forms.

Phase 5: Testing and quality assurance

  • Functionality testing.

  • Mobile-responsive design testing.

  • Cross-browser compatibility.

Your website is put on a test server, so you can carry out User Acceptance Testing (UAT), i.e. test your website to make sure it looks and works as agreed.

Phase 6: Go live and deployment

  • Server environment setup.

  • Publish to live environment.

  • Final functionality testing.



Custom website design case studies

Do you need help with a custom website?

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