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Hoover UK

Providing aftersales tips and essential troubleshooting guides to customers

We’ve recently released the new Hoover Aftersales Service website

Once you’ve bought any Hoover domestic appliance, this is the website to go to.

The site helps users with all aspects of Hoover’s aftersales service, including:

  • Advice centre
  • Maintenance advice
  • Key product features
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Registering guarantees
  • Warranties
  • Care plans
  • Booking a local engineer

Every product and model of Hoover domestic appliance is covered by the website. So, as you can imagine, it involves a huge amount of product information and data.

With such a large volume of information, the site needed to deliver on two key fronts:

  • Ease of use for Hoover customers via clear and engaging user journeys
  • Ease of use for Hoover staff via a CMS to manage all content and data

The site needed to work brilliantly on mobile too – many users would probably be by their appliance looking up model numbers or going through a troubleshooting guide, for example.

Alongside the clear user journeys, there’s also a search facility where users can enter their model numbers, product codes or keywords.

To benefit previous SEO work, a big challenge was creating this new and engaging experience but using the same structure as the previous Hoover Service website. We managed it though!

For the backend, we created a powerful and highly detailed CMS using Umbraco. Every single aspect of the website is manageable. From animated content panels down to the smallest footer link. But, crucially, it remains incredibly intuitive to use and clutter-free.

Underpinning all this is the data imports and feeds we created to keep the product and model details bang up to date.

And, of course, we host the site securely on our London Telehouse servers, managed by our in-house infrastructure team.


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