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Brilliant secure web hosting solutions UK

A dedicated in-house Infrastructure Support team handles our own hosting network in two UK locations. We’ll tailor secure, resilient, high performance hosting solutions to your exact needs.

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A great team. Intuitiv has handled my website design and development and email support for many years. They are very fast to respond and have never let me down, ever! Very highly recommended.

Bob Munton, Managing Director at Muntons Traditional Plant Supports

Why choose Intuitiv for your web hosting solutions UK?

Putting website security and cybersecurity measures first, our highly experienced in-house infrastructure team continually monitors the evolving security landscape to give you the best  possible security. Everything we do is completed to rigorous ‘best practice’ standards.


Your business, perfectly secured

  • Firewalls configured on a ‘least privilege’ basis with network access only given to specific hosts and services.
  • Centrally managed server systems with automatically-deployed policies that nobody can over-ride locally.
  • Hardened servers and hosted services to minimise the potential for attacks.
  • Strong forced encryption for every administrative system connection.
  • Site access HTTPS encryption configured to give you the best balance between security and accessibility.
  • Annual penetration testing to keep our own infrastructure rock solid.
  • Email scanning for spam and viruses.


Essential UK web hosting user controls

You get all these handy user controls.

  • Least privilege access, only given when there’s a clear business need.
  • Complex secure passwords and accounts that lock when attempts fail.
  • Comprehensive security policies and procedures.
  • Annual company-wide compliance checks.
  • Data Loss Prevention tools so your data can’t be transferred outside the business.


Bespoke secure hosting services

If you need these extras we’ll be pleased to provide them. If it isn’t on the list, just ask!

  • Anti-virus scanning and malware scanning for uploaded files and complete servers.
  • Support working towards PCI compliance.
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol access for application files.
  • Third party penetration testing for hosting.
  • Third party penetration testing for completed applications.