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Inspiring e-learning web design

Elearning is an enjoyable, efficient way for employees to gain the knowledge, information and insight they need to succeed. Convenient and flexible, it lets you engage with and assess your people accurately and easily.

We’ve developed innovative e-learning websites for a suite of influential businesses, delivering e-learning web design that genuinely motivates, excites, and inspires users to learn.

Why we gamify elearning websites

Because gamification is a key component in e-learning web design, we build engaging features like points, badges, leaderboards and certificates to keep your audience motivated.

Interactive content, social collaboration, and performance metrics, they’re just some of the many strategic routes we take to create awesome elearning experiences.

Truly inspiring e-learning

E-learning needs to be fun and rewarding. The content must be immersive and engaging. To excite everyone involved it’s essential to take a mixed approach to learning.

The e-learning experience should be addictive, involving learners in a way that makes them want to invest the time and effort. Data collection and reporting are vital for closing the loop, and creating a virtuous circle.

E-learning web design

Why choose Intuitiv for e-learning website design and development?

Elearning websites are complex by nature. You can’t beat experience, and we have plenty of it.

We’ve built a variety of large scale e-learning platforms. We know what works in the e-learning world and, just as importantly, what doesn’t.

We understand what works best for learners and businesses. The e-learning website we’ll build for you will be bespoke every step of the way, perfectly tailored to your needs.

The result is a rewarding experience that embeds learning, encouraging your people to scale new heights and achieve more.

Here’s how we do it.

  • Simple online registration
  • Reliable mobile-responsive design
  • Easy, fun user interactions
  • Gamification to energise the experience
  • Desirable incentives
  • Accurate reporting
  • Essential data analysis
  • Vital progress assessment
  • Live feedback to energise users
  • High-quality content to enjoy
  • Communities to feel at home in
  • Supportive social engagement


In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and – SNAP! – the job’s a game!

Mary Poppins – Nanny and Gamification Pioneer

Need help with a potential e-learning project?

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