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Your Umbraco agency

Intuitiv is a web design agency that loves Umbraco CMS. We’ve been building websites since 1996, a long time in web years. We have 15 full-time staff in our office. And by the office, we mean a beautifully converted old pub about 5 minutes from the M40 on the Buckinghamshire-Oxfordshire border.

We design, build and host all our websites in-house. We have secure servers in London Telehouse Docklands which our in-house infrastructure team manage for you. Our clients love this one-stop-shop approach.

We’re a leading Umbraco partner agency in the UK. We're experts in Umbraco web design. If you’re looking for a beautifully designed website with a powerful, easy-to-use content management system (CMS) or need some support with your existing Umbraco site, then we’re the Umbraco web development agency for you.


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Umbraco Partner Agency

All of our developers have undergone the demanding official Umbraco training sessions to enable us to gain our Umbraco Certified Partner status. It’s a kind of guarantee. It shows you that we have the skills and knowledge to deliver bespoke, super-stylised websites with an Umbraco CMS (content management system) specific to your requirements.


Umbraco agency services

We’re your ideal Umbraco partner, offering you a complete service, including:

  • Research and planning

  • User experience

  • Design

  • Website and database build

  • Hosting and support

We work closely with an SEO specialist agency on larger SEO campaigns, and we’ve even got an in-house copywriter to help with content generation if required.

You can read more about our Umbraco website design process here.


Why Intuitiv?

Why work with us? With well over 20 years of experience building bespoke CMS, we’re an Umbraco partner agency that can deliver an Umbraco CMS specific to your needs, with a simple-to-use interface.

We provide all Umbraco web development agency services in-house, with an added punch. This gives you the cohesive, end-to-end, bespoke service you need for your project to succeed.

  • Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable.

  • Customer service levels you’ll wish every company had.

  • UX (user experience) analysis and wireframing.

  • Bespoke website design.

  • Umbraco website development and support from certified Umbraco developers.

  • Secure Umbraco hosting.


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What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is an open-source CMS (content management system) platform founded in 2003 in Denmark, which over 400,000 companies and charities use for their sites. This includes big hitters like Microsoft, Carlsberg Group, Mercedes-Benz and Amnesty International, but also small businesses and local start-ups.

Umbraco makes editing and managing every aspect of your site’s content incredibly easy. It’s renowned for its clear, coherent and intuitive layout – which makes your site editor’s job a whole lot easier and quicker.

Front end design-wise, you’re not restricted by built-in templates or the Umbraco platform itself - the world’s your oyster. We design and build your front end, create your bespoke Umbraco CMS based on your requirements, then integrate the front end with your Umbraco CMS.


Why Umbraco?

We love Umbraco, it’s a joy to create bespoke websites with. And the user interface is a breath of fresh air for content editors. Plus, because it’s based on Microsoft’s .NET framework, we know it’s secure, stable and packed with power.

You might like to pop over to our CMS platform comparison page where you can see how Umbraco stacks up against other leading CMS [Spoiler Alert: it does brilliantly well].

The main benefit to you for using an Umbraco CMS is time.

Because of the benefits and features listed below, you’ll find it unbelievably quick and easy to use. You’ll notice your new-found efficiency straight away.

Here are just a few more of the benefits of Umbraco that we know you’ll love:

  • It’s free! (Yep. No licence or ‘business package’-type fees to pay.)

  • Secure and stable.

  • Easy and intuitive to use.

  • Clean, clever interface.

  • Easy SEO.

  • Easily scalable and extendable.


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Key Umbraco features?

You can find more details on our Umbraco features page, but here are some of Umbraco’s main features:

  • Stable, secure, fast, powerful.

  • Preview content across desktop, tablet and mobile before publishing.

  • Built-in image cropper and focal point setting.

  • Built-in form builder, no coding required.

  • Manage admin users’ levels of access.

  • Schedule content like blog and news posts or time-limited offers.

  • Easy version control, auditing and rollback with a mouse click.

  • Media library for your photos, videos, images and documents.

  • Easy editing of all content.

  • Multilingual content management.

  • Manage multiple sites via one Umbraco CMS.

  • Plenty of additional secure content apps, plugins and modules available.



Clients using Umbraco CMS





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