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Our Umbraco website design process


So, you need a website that you can easily update yourself with a content management system (CMS)?

Well, you may, or may not, have heard of Umbraco. It's the CMS of choice for companies like Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Carlsberg, McDonald's and Amnesty International.

We're an Umbraco agency and we believe Umbraco CMS is the best choice for YOUR project too.

You see, it’s:

  • Powerful, yet easy to use.

  • Open-source (i.e. free!) with a world-class support network.

  • Stable and secure.

  • Extendable, so we’re able to add new functionality as required.

  • SEO friendly.

There are, of course, a gazillion other good reasons why Umbraco is the best choice for your CMS and you can read about some of them in our blog post…

 “10 reasons why an Umbraco CMS is crucial to your business website”.


Umbraco Web Development Process

By the way, we’re not just any old Umbraco web development agency, no sirree, we’re a bona fide Umbraco Certified Partner.

“Whoopee-do”, we hear you cry, “so what?”

Well, being a Certified Umbraco Partner is, essentially, your guarantee that we’re an Umbraco web design agency that knows our stuff when it comes to the Umbraco CMS and Umbraco web design. We’ve got the experience, passed the demanding training and got the certificate to prove it. Find out more about our Umbraco websites here.

So, to the web development process itself.

After we’ve finalised requirements with you, we’ll split your Umbraco web development project into the following phases:

Phase 1: User experience (UE) and design

  • Wireframing (skeletal designs for working out the best user journeys).

  • Homepage concept design.

  • Sub-page design.

  • How your pages will look and work on mobile.

We’ll make amendments throughout this phase based on your feedback.

Phase 2: User interface (UI) development

  • HTML template/stylesheet creation, JavaScript components.

  • Mobile-responsive pages are built, based on the Phase 1 designs.

Phase 3: Umbraco CMS integration

  • Set-up of your new hosted Umbraco CMS instance.

  • Integration of your site’s UI and style templates into Umbraco.

Phase 4: Bespoke back-end development

  • Integration of Umbraco Forms and set-up of your lead generation and contact forms.

  • Any business-specific functionality you require e.g. integration with feeds, APIs etc.

Phase 5: Testing and quality assurance

  • Functionality testing.

  • Mobile-responsive design testing.

  • Cross-browser compatibility.

Your website is put on a test server, so you can carry out User Acceptance Testing (UAT) – i.e. test the site to make sure it looks and works as agreed.

Phase 6: Go live and deployment

  • Server environment setup.

  • Publish to live environment.

  • Final functionality testing.

Start-up package…

We’ve put together a rather nice start-up package. This includes components we’ve already built that we can drop straight into your Umbraco project as required.

For example, we’ve got the following ready to go:

  • SEO components.

  • Baked-in security.

  • Banner imagery.

  • Contact us form.

  • Google Maps integration.

Just email us at and ask about this new offer, we'll get back to you straight away.


Like the sound of an Umbraco CMS?

If you'd like to find out more about how an Umbraco CMS can help your business website, just drop us a line via our Contact page. We don't bite and advice is always free!

Or you can find out more about us here first.



And remember, you’ll also have access to our Umbraco hosting services. We have servers in London Telehouse Docklands, managed by our expert in-house infrastructure team. Even better, we don’t use third parties, so any server, database and domain requirements are easily manageable in-house as part of the process. Simple.