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Bespoke web design packages

We're an Oxford-based web design company and we believe one size doesn't fit all. Sometimes it's close, but what you really want, is a perfect fit. That's why, here at Intuitiv, we don't do web design packages as such.

Instead, we put you front and centre and create a bespoke web design package just for you.

That package might include an ecommerce website, a brochure website or an e-learning website, but it will be a bespoke web design package that suits just you and your specific requirements.

Website design packages

Not packages as such, but here the kind of websites we can create for your business.

  • Business websites

    • From start-ups to well-established global enterprises
    • Bespoke design incorporating your brand guidelines
    • Search engine friendly
    • Engaging, easy-to-use website across all devices
    • Thoughtful, results driven, user journey and experience
    • Intuitive bespoke CMS
  • Mobile websites/responsive websites

    • All websites completely mobile-friendly
    • Thoughtfully designed to adjust to any screen size
    • Fast-loading pages
    • Simple, intuitive user journey
  • Brochure websites

    • Beautifully bespoke-designed website
    • Easy-to-use bespoke CMS
    • SEO best practices included
    • Outstanding user experience
  • Ecommerce websites

    • Sell your products online
    • Easily manage your products
    • Stay on top of your orders and invoices
    • High quality, simple to use, powerful back-end system
    • Bespoke front end
    • Fully mobile-responsive (i.e., automatically adjusts to any screen size)
  • E-learning websites

    • Bespoke-built front and back end
    • Engage your learners
    • Interactive modules
    • Incentivise through gamification
      • Badges
      • High-score tables
      • Challenges
      • Quizzes
      • Progress tracking
  • Starter websites

    • Get going even if you're on a tight budget
    • Pre-built design templates available
    • Easy-to-use CMS
    • Manage admin users, editors, super users
    • Logo design

Bespoke web design advantages

But why not just pick an off-the-shelf website? Why go down the bespoke/custom web design route? Well, there are overwhelming benefits provided by a bespoke website design package.


Whatever sector you're in, your clients or customers will be shopping around and looking at your competitors' websites.

It doesn't take long before Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace or any other off-the-shelf sites start to look the same.

But you need to stand out and keep that user engaged with your website. Sometimes it's hard to put your finger on. You may not know why, but sometimes one site will catch your eye, stay with you more than the others.

The way it's designed, the ease of use, the way the content is written, the imagery used. It engages. That's what you get with bespoke web design.

Tell us your bespoke requirements.

Fully optimised for SEO and social media.

Chances are, your potential customer won't be just typing in your web address, they'll be searching using a search engine or social media. So, your website must be optimised for SEO.

We mean properly optimised. And this is much, much easier if you go down the bespoke web design route.

Bespoke web design and SEO optimisation is a topic too big to cover on this page alone - it's much easier and quicker to chat through.

Get in touch with your bespoke requirements.

Supports business objectives.

It's obvious really. With a bespoke web design, you can fashion your website to work for your particular business needs from the get-go.

No shoe-horning or square pegs and round holes. You might want to connect your website backend system to an existing business system. Or remote workers to access certain areas, or certain groups of users to access specific gated content.

You may have different sectors in your company requiring different mini-sites within a larger corporate site. You may need a multi-lingual website with regional content. All manageable from one central CMS. This is all achievable with bespoke web design.

Let's talk about your requirements.

And we haven't even mentioned…

  • How adaptable and flexible a bespoke web design package can be.
  • How a bespoke website can evolve as your business grows.
  • The adaptability and flexibility of bespoke web design.
  • The outstanding performance and customer experience of a bespoke website.

Sounds good, eh?


Bespoke web design portfolio

All our websites are bespoke designed.

But here are just a few examples of the excellent bespoke web design package projects that have helped our clients succeed.

(Psst…we're not allowed to show our more famous global household name clients on our website, unfortunately, but give us a bell and we can talk you through some of them.)

BlueFort Security

Deepmatter Group

Martin & Co County Jewellers, Cheltenham


Digital design services

We're a full-service web design agency based in Oxford. Our bread-and-butter work is high-quality bespoke website design.

But, as you've read above, bespoke web design is an umbrella term that covers several key services:

Website design

Mobile websites

Umbraco CMS websites

Content management systems

Ecommerce websites

E-learning websites

Custom websites

Secure hosting

Contact us with your bespoke web design requirements

Hopefully, you've found this page useful. It can be quite daunting organising your business website. It can be even more daunting selecting a web agency. We can help though - get in touch for an informal chat.

Or give us a call on 01844 888 777 or email

Bespoke web design package FAQs

How much does a bespoke web design package cost?

- It absolutely depends on your requirements!

- We've built websites ranging from £2,500 to over £100,000.

How long will it take?

- Again, it all depends on your particular requirements.

- Some websites take a couple of months, others over a year.

Are bespoke websites scalable?

- Absolutely.

- Sometimes it's best to start small, see what works for you and your clients/customers, and go from there.