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What are the Benefits of Having an e-learning Platform

Are you delving deep into the wonderful world of e-learning platforms? As a highly experienced B2B website design agency we understand all the many benefits of learning online, and that means we’re perfectly qualified to advise you about why you need an e-learning platform. Read on to find out the reasoning behind why it’s such a good idea to have an e-learning platform. We’ll define e-learning platforms, reveal their varied applications, and showcase their benefits.

What are e-learning Platforms?

 E-learning, also called distance education and online learning, is all about learning remotely on a desktop, laptop or small-screen gadget. You tap into a course or program, work your way through it, and do it all flexibly. There’s no need for classrooms or teachers, and you can learn when it suits you best – good news for those of us who find it a challenge to learn in the mornings or are dedicated night owls. No wonder E-learning platforms and learning management systems have been steadily growing in popularity along with the internet, enabled by technology. So what are their applications?

Applications of e-learning in Business

Since the early 2000s businesses have been busy taking advantage of e-learning, which is particularly valuable in a business context. People can learn at work or at home, without special spaces or equipment, and these cool learning tools are being harnessed more widely as time passes to equip personnel with the skills and knowledge they need to achieve business success.


Things have changed dramatically over the past two decades, moving from fairly basic ways to learn digitally to increasingly engaging and complex digital learning tools that come with all sorts of inspiring, exciting interactive capabilities. Think AR and VR, simulations and animations, and you get the picture.


E-learning for employees comes with a huge collection of pluses, and that list is still growing. Here are some of the most important commercial benefits of learning online. 

Benefits of e-learning for Employees

One of the most important employee benefits of all is that e-learning helps staff adopt a consistent approach and mindset directly in line with your company values. Because you control the learning it has the impact you expect. Everything your people learn is consumed in a way that dovetails with your brand and company goals. Here are some more of the many advantages of having an employee e-learning platform. 

  • E-Learning saves money – it’s a much more cost-effective way to train your people than sending them away for a day, a few days or even a week, bringing in external training experts, or any other training and learning techniques
  • It’s the climate change-friendly way to provide learning for employees, not involving car, train, air or any other kind of travel. E-learning naturally comes with much lower CO2 emissions
  • It quite simply costs less than sending your people off on courses around the country – you make dramatic cost savings on things like print, too
  • E-Learning reduces learning time, a highly efficient and effective way to save as much as 60% in learning time
  • Like every type of training or learning, e-Learning boosts employee retention. It’s particularly powerful because your employees can choose to learn when it suits them best, when they’re in the right head-space to consume information, insight, and knowledge. Every time you increase staff satisfaction, you have a positive impact on staff retention. When people-churn costs a fortune, online learning contributes to saving potentially large amounts of money
  • E-Learning provides just-in-time learning. Because e-learning is available 24/7 it lets companies roll out just-in-time training for staff. Just-in-time learning delivers the right information exactly when a learner needs it, and e-learning is the ideal way to achieve that. It can happen via mobile phones, tablets, or laptops used on the production floor, in the sales department, wherever you need it to take place. This benefit is particularly valuable for globally-distributed remote teams
  • E-Learning provides access to key resources, a reference source for employees which they can dive into anywhere, any time they need it.
  • E-Learning enables useful global collaboration without having to send people all over the planet to meet up and learn – modern elearning platforms let remote teams right around the world collaborate and share their learnings with ease
  • E-Learning works well for people with busy lifestyles, easy to dip into and out of in between tasks, at the start or end of the day, or any other time and place that suits them.
  • E-Learning is infinitely scalable, which means any number of employees can learn the same thing, either at the same time or at different times
  • E-Learning provides valuable feedback for senior staff who manage and co-ordinate corporate learning. Those in charge can easily and directly access feedback from an elearning platform at any time
  • E-Learning ensures training consistency, great to know when every human trainer or teacher has a slightly different way of teaching, of putting information across, and of analysing the results. Maintaining high quality, consistent training for employees is something elearning platforms are brilliant at

Explore e-learning platforms with the experts

When you want to help your people create a consistent approach and mindset that dovetails perfectly with the company’s brand, values and goals, e-learning platform benefits everyone concerned. Your people will enjoy learning. They’ll achieve the levels of knowledge you require fast. They can learn at their own pace, in their own way, at the times that suit them best. It’s environmentally responsible, convenient, powerful, fun, interactive, engaging, and excellent value for money. If you’d like to know more about e-learning platform and any other aspect of B2B website development, contact the web design team in Oxford at Intuitiv.

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