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7 Reasons to Choose Umbraco

There is a bewildering selection of excellent CMS platforms out there. And you need to pick a CMS that’s known, trusted and reliable. Why choose Umbraco CMS above all the others? Why is Umbraco CMS crucial to your business website?

Read on, and you’ll find out why more and more businesses are choosing Umbraco.

What is Umbraco CMS?

Umbraco is a content management system loved for its flexibility (for both editors and developers) and great editing experience. It’s an open-source CMS based built on Microsoft’s .NET framework.

You (or your developers) can install, set up and host it yourself or it can be hosted for you on Umbraco Cloud. Originating in Denmark, Umbraco CMS has that classic Scandinavian uncluttered look and feel. And like all great Scandi design, it’s very well thought through and beautifully crafted.

Reasons to Choose Umbraco

When you’re searching for a top-quality, professional CMS platform, there are more than a few things to consider.

For example:

  • Will your website editors find it easy to use?

  • How flexible is it?

  • Will it easily evolve with your business?

  • Is it within your budget?

  • Is it secure and does it need regular patches?

  • Is it easy to upgrade?

  • Is there plenty of support available for you and/or your developers?

Every business is different, so, think about what’s important to you. What do you need from your website? What about the people who will maintain and use your website – what’s important to them?

Let’s look at just 7 key reasons why people and businesses choose Umbraco CMS.


1. Ease of Use

With many CMS you can feel bombarded by the user interface. It’s often not immediately obvious how to do even the simplest of tasks like choosing and adding an image. Umbraco is known for being one of the easiest CMS to get to grips with. The workflow is incredibly intuitive, clear and easy to follow.

2. Highly Versatile

Think of any type of website. Got one? Good. You can implement a website like that with Umbraco. Think of another. Yep, you can do that one too. Blogs, ecommerce, forums, SME or large corporate brochure sites – Umbraco can be used for pretty much anything you can think of.

3. Open Source

Over the past 10 years or so, there’s been a large take up of open-source software at the larger enterprise or corporate level.

The reasons for this are many, including:

- Community. A huge open-source (and Umbraco) community providing expert support and guidance.

- Transparency. Your developers get full visibility of the code base, so you know exactly what you’re getting - so no unforeseen limitations.

- Reliability. The output of open-source software is extremely robust, tried and tested code. It’s more reliable as more eyes are dissecting, improving, vetting and reviewing it.

- Security. Open source is often more secure because of the same reasons mention around reliability. And if issues do arise, they are usually dealt with far more diligently.

- Decisions are made based on merit, not profit. With open-source products like Umbraco, the motivation is to make the best product possible. It’s not driven by the bottom line of a software house.

4. Simple Upgrades

Umbraco uses auto upgrades. Simple and hassle-free. Umbraco CMS patch updates, Umbraco Forms updates and Umbraco Cloud services are all auto-upgraded, making you and your developers’ lives a heck of a lot easier.

There’s a central Umbraco status page that gives all rollout information for any upcoming upgrades, so there are no surprises and no issues for your website.

5. Responsive Site Design

Most web searches are now carried out on mobile devices. Therefore, most initial browsing of your website will take place on mobile.

So, your website must be fully mobile responsive. It needs to look superb on smaller screens and must be easy to interact with and navigate. With Umbraco, you can ensure your website won’t let your brand down in front of mobile users.

Whether your designers and developers are designing and building your website from scratch or are using one of the huge range of responsive Umbraco themes available, you know your website is going to look good on any size screen.

6. Multilingual Capabilities

Umbraco CMS has full multilingual content management.

For example:

  • You can configure Umbraco to fall back to a default language if no content is supplied.

  • You can switch between languages in preview mode.

  • Editors can use a split view between two languages, making translating content much easier.

7. Exceptional Support

We touched on this earlier. Expert, enthusiastic Umbraco specialists are always on hand to help you and your developers.

Umbraco HQ provides guaranteed response times, so you’re not left in a frustrating limbo. And then there are the huge benefits provided by the Umbraco open-source community – reliability, expertise, security, a helpful can-do attitude, to name a few.

What, only 7?

No, far from it. These 7 reasons are just a few of the many, many reasons people are choosing Umbraco as their CMS. From small start-ups to multi-national corporate enterprises, Umbraco CMS will work for you. Read more about some of Umbraco’s main features here.

We’re an experienced Certified Umbraco Partner, so, if you want to get started with Umbraco CMS, give us a call on 01844 888 777 or drop us a line via the enquiry form.

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