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10 reasons why an Umbraco CMS (Content Management System) is crucial to your business website

There are many technical reasons why we at Intuitiv Digital have chosen Umbraco as our CMS (Content Management System) of choice.

For starters, we like the fact it uses the .Net Security model, meaning it’s not as vulnerable to attacks as the plug-in architecture used in, say, Wordpress. We like the code packages available for every task, as they’re suitable for any kind of website, from brochure-style sites and blogs, to high-functionality corporate sites. We like that it’s powerful and fully featured, yet still flexible, easy to use and with no licence fees. You can host your Umbraco site yourself via the cloud, or we can host it on our own wholly-owned UK-based secure network.

But there are also many, many content management reasons why we’ve chosen Umbraco. After all, on a day-to-day basis your primary interaction with your site will usually be managing your content.

Why choose Umbraco over other CMS platforms?

So, here are our top ten content management-related reasons why you should use Umbraco:



1. A beautiful user interface

The elegantly crafted Umbraco user interface really does make creating and managing your content intuitive, simple and fast. What more can you want from a CMS?



2. Responsive ‘Preview’ feature

Umbraco enables you not only to preview your content before it’s live, but also to see how your content will look and feel on desktop, tablet and phone – and even in landscape and portrait.



3. Scheduling

Want to line up your blog posts and news items? Umbraco lets you schedule publishing so that you can release content on a particular day and time. Promoting a time-limited offer? You can also schedule the removal of content for a particular day and time.



4. Version control

Umbraco is packed full of version control features, including the ability to work on draft content and then save progress. If you’d rather re-publish an earlier version of some content, simply roll back with a mouse click. It’s like having an infinite undo button.



5. Media library

The Umbraco Media Library is amazingly well structured and simple to use. You can add all types of media, including photos, images, documents and videos. You can keep a clear overview by creating folders to categorise your media however you like.



6. Built-in image cropper and focal point manager

Fed up of images or logos being chopped up on tablets and mobiles? Using the focal point functionality, you simply click on the important part of your image and Umbraco will automatically resize and crop, so the important thing stays centre stage on any device and screen size. No more fuzzy logos and missing heads.



7. Built-in form builder (Umbraco Forms)

Build forms without any coding. Want users to sign up for your newsletter, or request a call/quote? From simple contact forms to more involved questionnaires, simply drag and drop different types of questions and off you go.



8. SEO from the off

It’s pointless having engaging content if users can’t find it easily on search engines. Luckily, Umbraco lets you effortlessly start optimising your site for search engines from day one by using page titles, meta descriptions, canonical URLs, sitemaps, robots and other SEO essentials.



9. Editor and member access management

From single editor to large content teams, Umbraco makes it astonishingly easy to invite new team members and control their publishing and editing rights. What’s more, you can set up groups of users, making maintenance exceptionally simple and saving you having to edit individual permissions for new and existing team members.



10. No manual needed

Umbraco brings clarity to the world of content management. Once your site is set up, you won’t need to refer to a manual or Google when you need to, say, work out how to reorder the navigation (though in the unlikely event you do need support, the outstanding Umbraco.TV support guides are on standby). The entire CMS is so intuitive and well thought through that it doesn’t even require tool tips. Enough said.



Sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you’d like help with a potential Umbraco website, get in touch with us today by filling in our contact form or calling us on 01844 888 777. We’re always on hand with free, friendly advice to help take your project to the next level.


In the meantime, you might also like to take a look at some of our recent builds using Umbraco.