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Umbraco version 9 and Intuitiv’s new ‘Starter Pack’.

With Umbraco CMS version 9, you get the expected simple-to-use-yet-powerful CMS (content management system) that Umbraco is famous for.

But where the clever people at Umbraco have really gone to town with this latest version is under the hood.

The impressive technical improvements they’ve made with Umbraco 9 allow us developers to do much more – better and faster too.

Which is great news for you.

We’ll be adopting this very latest version of Umbraco in all new developments going forward.

Not only that, but, using Umbraco 9, we’ve also developed a new version of our own Umbraco ‘Starter Pack’.

This new Starter Pack provides our super-experienced development team with all the core must-have features we typically expect to incorporate in most new website projects.

Plus, it has the bonus of providing a springboard for us to deliver your website as optimally as possible.

Over and above all the highly regarded out-of-the-box Umbraco CMS functionality, our new Starter pack also incorporates:

  • Security and application hardening
  • Anti-virus scanning
  • A variety of authentication and single sign-on (SSO) options
  • Membership management and privileged access to secure areas
  • Enhanced email handling and formatting
  • Gamification and personalisation
  • Elevated form management and processing
  • Additional responsive framework
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) and best practice implementations
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Plus, much, much more

We could write a small book on each of these Starter Pack features, but it’s probably best that we condense it into another blog post at some point instead.

Suffice to say though, a Pandora’s box of website goodies awaits, which we look forward to opening up and sharing in all our future projects.

Sounds like something that might benefit your business or organisation?

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