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E-Learning Platform Design in Oxfordshire – Making learning a pleasure

We’re a highly experienced e-learning platform design agency in Oxfordshire. We've been creating good-looking, practical, inspiring work since 1996, the early days of the internet, and we're still going strong more than two decades later.

We know e-learning inside out. We've been involved in online learning for a long time. We've more or less grown up alongside it. And that means we know exactly how to deliver the perfect solution for your learners, something that'll work beautifully for you.

We’ve created a wide variety of e-learning platforms, mostly for large, well-known corporate brands. With our extensive in-house experience and knowledge, engaging and stimulate learners in exactly the right way comes as second nature.

Most of us have to actually learn the growth mindset. We all want to feel content is relevant to us. We all want to experience adaptive learning on a platform that smoothly guides us through our personal learning journey. Our platforms let you engage with learning via a variety of multimedia. They come with brilliant story-based modules, gamification techniques, digital badges to collect and fun quizzes. They work, and they work hard.

If you want an interactive adaptive e-learning platform tailored for you, something users genuinely enjoy, no problem at all. It's what we do.

There's more. We own and manage our own UK-based secure hosting network, so you know your learner data will always be secure. And you get access to our dedicated infrastructure team too.

If you'd like to know more about our popular e-learning platform services in Oxfordshire, why not explore our web design services for inspiration? Or get in touch for an intelligent discussion. We're always happy to talk.

Have a look at some of our work

Our designs are beautiful, and that matters because whether they realise it consciously or not, people react positively to beauty. Whatever you need we'll pull out the stops for you, whether it’s for an e-learning platform, website, branding, stationery or video.

What our clients think

“Having worked on numerous projects with Intuitiv I would give them a glowing recommendation – they have consistently delivered great looking sites exactly to specification, agreed timings and budget. They are fully embedded and engaged throughout the entire development.”

Steve Haynes – Head of E-Marketing, Elsevier

“Intuitiv built the new site with several face-to-face meetings with me for progress. I have been very happy with the quality and integrity of Intuitiv’s advice, their responsiveness and now the result.”

David Dent - Head of Sales and Marketing, Pandect Precision Components Ltd

Do you need help with a potential project?

If you’d like to have an inspiring discussion with one of the team, we’d love to hear from you, so feel free to call or email us.