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HG Timber

Helping HG Timber celebrate 70 years

HG Timber has been producing timber products since 1945 and is one of the leading suppliers of pallets and specialised timber products in the UK.

We love helping local businesses. HG Timber, based in north Bucks close to the Oxfordshire border, has been a client of ours for well over 10 years!

They required a brand new custom-built brochure-style website that was clean, modern-looking and completely mobile responsive.

We guided HG Timber through the initial design process, creating designs for mobile and desktop pages. There were plenty of photos available, so we incorporated them into eye-catching page headings, carousels and attractive scrolling parallaxes.

The navigation area is very user-friendly and the site encourages user contact by making contact links easy to reach. Phone and email links are always visible and we created a slide-in easy-to-access enquiry form that was also within easy thumb reach on mobile.  

Although most of the website content wouldn't require updating very often, HG Timber did need the ability to update their news section regularly. This helps reflect the company's vibrant approach to manufacturing and is also great for SEO.

So, we developed a very easy-to-use bespoke CMS (content management system) which gave HG Timber complete control over their news section.

Of course, we also host the site securely on our wholly-owned UK-based network, supported by our hugely experienced, in-house, client-friendly infrastructure team.

If you're a local business that could do with a helping hand with your website project, just drop us a line at or call 01844 858 858 for a friendly chat. We work out of a lovely old converted pub in an idyllic village setting so we'd love to invite you over!

Or find out more about our website design and development services, our graphic design services and secure hosting services.