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Playrooms, spare rooms, pets and kids - we're working from home.

How are you doing?

Seriously, we hope you’re doing OK, all things considered.

It’s weird and scary.

The extraordinary is becoming the norm.

We hope you and yours are coping OK and staying safe.

At Intuitiv, we know we’re lucky. We’re already used to working from home without impacting our clients or employees. You see, although our office is just off Junction 8A of the M40, we’re still in a fairly remote (but very lovely) village. So, when the snows come, we work from home.

Because we already had these systems in place, we could act quickly when the lockdown came.

Our lovely infrastructure team set us all up with ridiculously secure remote access to our work machines. They even worked their magic so we can still use internal phone extension numbers.

We still have morning ‘stand-up’ meetings as usual. We’re using Zoom to go through what we all did yesterday and what we’re planning to do today.

And there’s always Slack to discuss bugs and exchange ideas during the day. It’s not quite the same as chatting across monitors to each other, but it’s pretty close.

Our developers are very happy with working from home. If anything, our productivity has gone up.

So really, it’s business as usual.

Actually, not quite.

The physical work environment has changed somewhat, of course.

The cool decals of our office are replaced with kids’ paintings for example…

An unexpected advantage is that some domestic jobs can finally be crossed off the list.

Like sorting out that dumping ground/spare room.


And after...

And there’s always a helping paw for those extra-tricky algorithms…

However, some helping paws just can’t resist taking over…

Luckily, it looks like some of our programmers have been particularly well-prepared for quite some time…

Some of us have a quiet corner to work in…

And some of us don’t…

…although the dining table does have the advantage of being handy for snackage and special little helpers.

Even at home though, away from a busy office, it can still get all too much…

So, we’re very lucky really. We’re all healthy here (touch wood) and it’s pretty much business as usual.

Feel free to email or phone us if you need a hand with your website project.

Take care and stay healthy.

01844 888 777