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Web development Abingdon - Taking your business to the next level

Local expertise matters, especially when you have a local audience. National expertise matters when your audience is spread wider. We provide both to businesses like yours, from large to small and everything in between. If you're searching for the finest web development agency near Abingdon in Oxfordshire, you've found us. So what makes us so special?

For a start, we're old. Not bad old, good old! We've been working online since 1996, not far short of a quarter of a century, and as such we know the internet intimately, inside out and back to front. There's nothing we haven't seen, experienced, dealt with, resolved, or had to work carefully around.

The web has changed beyond imagination since those early pre-Google days, and we've grown alongside it. While we don't all have grey hair and wrinkles – far from it – the knowledge that underpins everything we do makes us different, adds an extra dimension to the work we do for our clients.

Our creative, design and development services drive better business

There's a lot more to graphic design than pretty pictures and clear fonts. It's a business thing. We don't design to make things beautiful, although the sites we create provide plenty of eye candy. As far as we're concerned the best web development in Abingdon and beyond is all about sending visitors in the right direction at the right time, and giving them everything they need to make a sensible, well-informed buying decision. In short, our websites help you attract more punters and sell more of your wares.

You might need us to develop your website or develop the entire brand into something fresh, innovative and influential. You may want a gorgeous leaflet, an e-learning platform to engage your learners, or want your entire brand reinventing from the bottom up. Either way you'll love the results... and so will your audience.


Meet Mat Parker - He lives near you!

It's hard to beat a friendly face-to-face chat. Luckily one of our Account Managers, Mat, lives in Abingdon and he'll be thrilled to drop into your place or meet somewhere sensible to talk through all the ways we can help you sell more.


Call us on

01844 858858

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Superb website development in Abingdon deserves top class British hosting

You could opt for cheap hosting abroad, which costs next to nothing but doesn't tick all the boxes. But that would be a false economy in the great scheme of things. If you want future-proofed hosting that won't let you down and provides unbeatable up-time, that's what we provide.

We feel the sites we design and develop deserve great hosting, based in the UK. A host that can cope calmly and seamlessly with traffic spikes, lets you add extra functionality in an instant and provides a rock-solid platform for your business to thrive.

That's why we provide UK-based hosting, in our own wholly-owned network infrastructure, supported by our in-house infrastructure team. Not a third party in sight!


More than website development in Abingdon

We design and build everything from small brochure-style business driven websites to incredibly large and complicated ecommerce websites. But there's more. We're also highly experienced in designing for print, whatever the purpose, whether it's an all-singing, all-dancing glossy brochure to wow high net worth clients or a low-cost direct response-led leaflet that drives a steady stream of fresh leads. 


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Feedback from our customers

“Having worked on numerous projects with Intuitiv I would give them a glowing recommendation – they have consistently delivered great looking sites exactly to specification, agreed timings and budget. They are fully embedded and engaged throughout the entire development.”

Steve Haynes – Head of E-Marketing, Elsevier

“Intuitiv built the new site with several face-to-face meetings with me for progress. I have been very happy with the quality and integrity of Intuitiv’s advice, their responsiveness and now the result.”

David Dent - Head of Sales and Marketing, Pandect Precision Components Ltd

Let's discuss developing your website

If you'd like to have an exciting professional chat about web development services in Abingdon, it'd be great to talk.