Domain Guardianship

Securing the right domain name for your website and email addresses, then ensuring that you keep it, is essential to create and protect your brand. This is why we use the term ‘domain name guardianship’.

One major difference you will notice when comparing our domain services with others is that we don’t provide a control panel or web portal to manage renewals, contacts or DNS. The main reason for this is security: it significantly reduces the surface area available for attack should a malicious third party attempt to sabotage your domain or DNS.

We can register virtually any type of domain from £25 + VAT per year; this includes registration, management and the DNS administration. Instead of a control panel, changes to your domains are completed by our infrastructure team – giving the convenience of personal service and the reassurance of our in-depth technical knowledge of domain registrations and the DNS.

As implied by the term ‘guardian’, Intuitiv will take care of your domain, but you will always remain the owner; all domain names are registered in your name, making you the legal owner.

Domains we hold for our customers are all configured to auto-renew, unless they tell us it’s no longer required – so no more losing a domain because the renewal email didn’t arrive in your inbox. Also, if you do need to move a domain away to another registrar we operate a no-fee transfer policy.

Guardianship of your domain name with a personal service

Guardianship of your domain name with a personal service

Please note that engaging Intuitiv as your domain name registrar and reseller binds you to the following agreements:


In 2011, 81% of UK businesses had a website.

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Benefits to hosting with Intuitiv:

  • Dedicated support team Fully managed 24x7x365
  • Custom hosting solution & SLAs Designed and built to the requirements of your application
  • High performance Spec’d and implemented to withstand the expected demands
  • Security Peace of mind of hosting within a secure, managed environment
  • Experience Over 20 years of managing our wholly owned network for 300+ clients
  • Resilient connectivity Hosted directly on the UK’s internet backbone where we peer with transit providers and other ISPs at LINX

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