Managed secure hosting services

We operate and manage our own hosting network in two UK locations. We’re able to deliver secure, high performance and resilient hosting solutions tailored to your needs.

We have a dedicated UK based Infrastructure Support team responsible for managing and maintaining our network and ensuring the highest possible level of security for the website applications we host.

Benefits to hosting with Intuitiv:

  • Dedicated support team Fully managed 24x7x365
  • Custom hosting solution & SLAs Designed and built to the requirements of your application
  • High performance Spec’d and implemented to withstand the expected demands
  • Security Peace of mind of hosting within a secure, managed environment
  • Experience Over 20 years of managing our wholly owned network for 300+ clients
  • Resilient connectivity Hosted directly on the UK’s internet backbone where we peer with transit providers and other ISPs at LINX

Intuitiv Limited

The Royal Oak
2 Bridge Road
Ickford Village
HP18 9HX